What's with all the PUDDI?

We've recently added a new entry to the Projects section. This one is just for fun. We noticed a trend rising on the 'net and followed it.


According to Know Your Meme, Giga Pudding is a Japanese kit for making large portions of pudding (really flan). On 30 Nov 2010, 4chan decided to troll its own users by featuring a popular Giga Pudding commercial in which a child sings, "Puri Puri," the Japanese word for pudding. In addition, 4chan replaced all text on its site with repetitions of PUDDI PUDDI PUDDI. Other websites started copying 4chan, inserting PUDDI into their own memes.

One Fine Day in D.C.

We stretched our JavaScript chops a little to make YELLOSOFT PUDDI. The results are predictably silly.

A breakdown of puddi.js:

  1. Replace each word with "PUDDI." This includes paragraphs, links, headers, the whole lot. None of the HTML tags should be modified; a working, navigable, illegible website is zanier than a broken one.
  2. Embed the Giga pudding video in a prominent place.